“What is true belongs to me.”

These words were said by the great Stoic Roman philosopher Seneca who inspired me to write this.

It doesn’t matter what you do in life, but if you know you have done nothing wrong. If you know that everything you did was for the good of everyone. If you know that your heart is pure, that all you did was just be a good person and all your actions were right and you didn’t hurt anyone, then stop caring about people’s opinions. Don’t explain yourself because no matter what you say, the opinion of people who have already formed it…

Your Wings Are Your Imagination

What Keeps You From Not Falling

Your wings are your imagination. Just as birds have their wings, so we have our own spirit, our own enthusiasm. The hope that we can fly, that we can go beyond limits to achieve what we wish for or just simply to just keep going it’s what makes us dream of a better tomorrow.

I believe when God created us; he gave each one of us a purpose. We all are born to be someone, it’s just in yourself to find out who you are and what your role is on this earth, what is your purpose in life. I…

Believe In Yourself. Tomorrow Will Be Better.

Many of us now suffer for various reasons. It can be a physical pain or emotional pain, pain that not even the best doctors, psychiatrists or priests can treat or ease. Each of us has a cross to carry that does not let us be at peace. It can be the loss of a family member, a disease that does not let us live, it can be a breakup or depression, social, work, financial or family problems. All the difficult moments in life we ​​go through, the power is inside us to find the way to the light. The way to get back to what we were. I know, it’s difficult and so many people talk about it and tell you that everything will be fine in the end. But until you find peace, there is a painful and long road, but I tell you it is difficult and will never be easy, but not impossible. I am talking about my own life experience. I am a realistic person and I always tell myself each problem has a solution.

Losing a loved one is not an easy time to get over. The pain will never stop. But the loved ones who left us here in this world are at peace. They are with God in a better place, and they no longer feel the pain. From there they look at us and protect us, they will want us to be happy. They will want us to smile and look at the sky, and at that moment they will smile too. They shed every tear we shed. We know that they want us to continue living our lives and be…

Ramona Elena

I hope you enjoy my writing as much I enjoy writing them for you.

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